Get Insider Guidelines On What Causes Bad Breath And How To Cure It

Having bad breath should be taken serious since its not something you can pretend isn’t there. Although having this condition won’t make your teeth fall out but you can find yourself a lonely person.

Bad breath is a perfect source of embarrassment and can make you lose confidence in yourself because people will run away from you. They will either stand back when talking to you or even cover their noses when they are close to you. These kind of things can bring you emotionally and psychologically down since it’s very shameful.

What causes bad breath?

Other name given to bad breath by medical doctors is halitosis and it develops when the food you eat lingers around the mouth and gets trapped in between your teeth and your tongue. As the food stays in those gaps it forms bacteria that then spreads around the month causing bad breath. Not cleaning your mouth makes the bacteria’s foul smell even worse.

Drinking less water can cause your month to be mostly dry thus causing bad breath. Bad Bacteria loves living in dry places because they don’t live well in moist places.

People who smoke are also known to have bad breath. Smoking can cause plaque and tartar to form in the mouth and these two are the main causes of halitosis.

Other causes of bad breath include infections such as sinusitisa and tonsillitis. These infections are known to carry compounds that cause breath to smell bad. Other medical conditions that cause bad breath is diabetes, kidneys and periodontitis.

People taking certain medication and prescription drugs are also at a higher risk of getting halitosis. Some of these medications when taken can cause your breath to smell.

Ways to avoiding bad breath

Looking on the positive side halitosis can be avoided. You should practice good oral dental hygiene to help in eliminating the bacteria that causes your breath to smell bad. To practice good dental hygiene means you should brush and floss your tooth at list twice a day. Also tongue scrape to prevent bacteria developing on your tongue. This is a simple but effect way to managing bad breath.

On top of brushing your teeth you should consider mouth wash. Mouth wash rinses off the remaining particles left when brushing your teeth. And drinking lots of water throughout the day makes a big difference.

You should also make dental checkups with your physician and dentist at list twice a year so they remove any plaque or bad teeth that may have developed. Your dental hygienist will also give you more guidelines on how to eliminate halitosis and have clear fresh breath.

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