The Main Reasons Why One Should Start Scrapbooking Today

Are you looking for an exciting new hobby to past your time with? Do you have some pictures laying around your house or just some old albums? Do you have just some little money to spend? If so then scrapbooking is a hobby you must be looking for.

Scrapbooking is a nice way of putting family pictures together in a form of art that you can look at for years to come and pass it over to the next generation. Below we are going to go into details why you should start this interesting hobby.

– To Scrapbook Is Simple

Since scrapbooking is a craft a lot of beginners think that it’s very difficult for you to create one. A lot of the crafts you see on craft markets are difficult to make but scrapbooking is not. Once you get started with scrapbooking you will discover that it’s very easy to do.

Infect the part you will find difficult will be the part where you will have to choose the picture to put on the layout. So if you have a lot of pictures it will be wise to create lot of scrapbooks. This can take some time to complete but in due time you will see the wonderful memories you will have created.

When doing your own scrapbook you can buy an empty photo album and put your pictures in different positions in the pages of the album. To make it better looking you can add different kinds of embellishments to the layout and this will make all the pages look unique not forgetting beautiful.

– Wonderful Hobby

With all the other hobbies you can start, scrapbooking is one hobby that can be enjoyed by the whole family and is very addictive as well. When you create your first scrapbook you will surely want to create another one soon as possible. And as your designs get better you will begin to enjoy doing this more and find it difficult to stop.

As said earlier this hobby can be enjoyed by the whole family, which means old and young children can join in the project at hand. Some parents even teach their children how to create scrapbooks so they do this on their own and make personalized scrapbooks.

– Scrapbooking Supplies

A lot of hobbies are quiet expensive to pursue and can cost you a lot of money to start, well scrapbooking isn’t one of those hobbies that will drain you your money. Scrapbooking supplies are very cheap and can be bought from a lot of craft markets and stores.

As you see starting this hobby is simple to do and can be done by almost anyone who has a camera or photos. When making your scraps just throw in some of your creativity and you will see yourself producing beautiful scrapbooks.

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How You Too Can Start Today In Making Money From Scrapbooking

People these days are looking for alternative ways to making some money. You can make some money doing something that you enjoy doing like gardening, painting and scrapbooking just to name a few. If your passion is scrapbooking then there are various ways to for you to make some money from your hobby.

1) Commercial Scrapbooking

There are a lot of people that would like to have nice scrapbooks but don’t know how to go about creating their own. On the other side others may know how to but just don’t have the time to it which is where you come in.

As a scrapbooker you can offer your services to these people. The way to charge can differ, you can charge for designing certain layout pages or charge for scrapbooking as a whole.

Some people may have the photos in place and just creative pages to go in hand with the pictures. Other ways to charge is organizing people’s photos the different ways such as thematic or chronological order. Your prices can depend on the amount of work you have done for your clients.

2) Scrapbooking Classes

Another way to make lots of money from scrapbooking is by operating a scrapbook class. Having a class will give you the opportunity to teach people who want to learn how to do their own scrapbooks. Since there are a few people who have these type of classes you will be rest assured your class will be full of students.

Teaching people on how to go about scrapbooking can be done in different ways. You can offer one-on-one lessons by going to peoples homes or you can go to different places and give training to a group of people who are interested in this hobby.

3) Sell Scrapbooks

Selling pre-made scrapbook designs and layouts is a great way of making some money. You can sell the layouts to your students which they can buy after the class is over. Other places to sell the complete layouts is scrapbooking stores that can be willing to buy from you. The layouts you design should just require a person to put in their photos and have a beautiful scrapbook without any designing.

4) Go Digital

Digital scrapbooking is new to a lot of people and since a lot of people now have digital cameras they want to have digital scrapbooks. There are two ways to making some money with digital scrapbooking. First you can design for them digital scrapbooks or you can teach them how to do digital scrapbooking. The demand of scrapbooking will never dry out as long as people are taking pictures.

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Beginners Guide to Getting Started In Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a hobby that has been done for some time now. No body knows when it first started but what we know is that people use scrapbooking to make memories of events they don’t want to forget. Back in the day’s people used simple black and white for their scrapbook pages but now textured and colored pages are used to create beautiful pages. To make the pages even more unique creative embellishments and themed stickers are used.

There are lots of themes you can choose in making your own scrapbook page, the theme you choose can be a family event that you want to make memories of or a school event you had with your class mates.

Creative family themes:

Family scrapbooks are mostly done by a lot of families as a way to preserve particular events that may have happened. Some events can be children’s parties, family gatherings or any other family special event. When creating your family scrapbook you can divide it into sections for that particular event, like there will be a section for birthdays, seasons, vacations and reunions.

If you find that your album will be too large for a particular project then cut down the themes to a specific child. The theme can be for your first child’s spoken words, first walk and first drawing. Don’t forget to put their first birthdays and include the friends that where there as well. You can also add baby booties to the themed scrapbook.

Once your child grows older you can create a separate theme that will include things like certificates, sports, awards and graduations. Include pictures of their school friends and teachers that you know are close to him/her.

Creative individual themes:

Individual scrapbook themes are a wonderful way to preserving your memories. They are perfect gifts and make wonderful small albums. Individual scrapbooks include things like pregnancy, a child’s birth, promotions, marriage, graduations and any other wonderful occasions.

Making these albums can be easily done and less expensive if you use a “brag book’ style album. To make the scrapbook more tangible you can include rubber charms and coordinating stickers. A nice example is a wedding scrapbook, for this you can put items like newspaper announcements, wedding invitations, present covers etc. And to embellish the album you can use pressed flowers, paper doilies, gift wrapping papers and laces. Just make sure the colors match with the theme of the scrapbook.

Don’t forget to take good care of your albums so they last a lifetime. To do this you can use a hard cover for the album and put it in a safe place.

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