Guidelines to Raising Your Very Own Chickens for Meat and Egg Production

Chickens are raised for different purposes neither then meat and egg production. People raise chickens for their rich dropping which is good manure that can be used in growing vegetables or be sold. Your children can also benefit from raising chickens because chicken can help them understand the benefits of rearing livestock and also learn the benefits of the products supplied by these animals.

These days a lot of people are raising chickens for economic benefits since these are harsh economic times. Raising chickens for meat and eggs has proven to be a good way to make a living. The eggs can be sold to other farmers or to your local store for extra income and the chickens are be slaughtered with the meat sold to butcheries.

They are other advantages of raising chickens for food. The eggs and meat are high in nutrients. Chicken eggs are whole foods that contain proteins, essential fats, vitamins and carbohydrates. The eggs play a major role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases like blood clots, strokes and heart attacks. Chicken meat is white meat which means it doesn’t contain cholesterol and can help in the reduction of cardiovascular diseases.

Chickens can produce about 250 to 300 eggs per year from every single hen thus making you a lot of money if you decide to sell the eggs. The eggs can stay in the outside for same days without being put in the fridge. But the meat has to be refrigerated after slaughter.

Raising chickens for meat can bring you more money then raising chickens for eggs. But the nice thing is that you can also slaughter the laying chickens if they stop laying eggs. New chicken breeds take 10 to 12 weeks to mature which means you will quickly see good returns in investment.

Another advantage of raising chickens for food is that you too can feed your own family and save a lot of money in buying food at the same time make some money in selling your produce.

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