Proven Ways to Raising Profitable Pigs Even As a Complete Beginner Pig Farmer

Did you know that you can raise pigs for alternative income then just as pets? Raising pigs for extra income can be achieved only when you take good care of your pigs. Taking care of your pets involves giving your pigs good living conditions, nutrition’s and making sure they are free from diseases. Once this is done there is nothing that can stop you in profiting from your pigs.

Below you are going to get ways to raising pigs and profiting from them:

1. The Meat – There is no doubt that pig meat is a valuable by product. Pig meat is loved and is a common food for a lot of people and has high demand all over the world. To get into this market as a pig farmer you should make sure you proper feed your pigs with high quality commercially produced feeds. You can also feed your pigs with your left over food because pigs are not choosey when it comes to food. They just about eat anything that is edible.

You should also make sure you bath your pigs every once in a while to eliminate any pests that may invade the bodies of your pigs. Your pigs will bring you higher income once butchered if their bodies are disease free.

2. Pig Manure – Very rich fertilizer can be produced from pig manure. You can collect the pig manure and use it as fertilizer for your garden or sell it thus making extra income.

3. Make Use Of Auctions – If you have a set of mixed pig genders you can mate the pigs to produce a mixed breed. You can then go to auctions and sell these breeds. But keep in mind that the pigs should be kept healthy and well feed in order for them to be bought. So provide them with supplements and good vitamins to enhance their salebility.

4. The Organic Way – Almost everyone these days is conscious about the type of food (meat) they consume, their health comes first. So when raising pigs for meat you should try to take all measures in raising your pigs the organic way. In order to raise pigs the organic way you should use the highest grade feeds. In return your pigs will sell higher in the pig market thus bringing you greater returns in investment.

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