Basic Tips to Getting Started In Raising Rabbits Even as a Complete Beginner

Starting out in raising rabbits can be a challenge because rabbits are raised in a different way compared to other livestock. They feed on different food and their living conditions are different as well. Rabbits turn to eat more and grow faster after weaning. And when the day-length is shortened they are more efficient in their consumption of feed.

First time mothers make poor mothers and have a high mortality rate. The reason for this is the time of their first conception and appetite when they are pregnant. Ways to improve their appetite and health is to use specialized feeding programs that are implemented months before you begin breeding them.

But on the other hand the nice thing about raising rabbits is that they can be raised almost anywhere. You don’t need a lot of land and large shelters. Just get a small steel cage that is located in a safe place and your rabbits will have a place they call home. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t provide your rabbits with some space so they can run around.

Also make sure you provide your rabbits with healthy food. Rabbits are vegetarians and like eating chewy vegetables and carrots. You can also provide them with pellets so they grow stronger and healthy. Provide them with clean water everyday and clean their cage every once in a while.

Before you get your rabbits make sure that all is in place and you will be a happy rabbit owner. You can also cuddle your rabbit since they are affectionate creatures.

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