Beginners Guide to Raising Your Very Own Chickens for Eggs

A lot of people around the world are getting into raising chickens for eggs. Even people in the urban areas are raising their own chickens. The nice thing about raising chickens is that anyone can do it. When you raise your own chickens for eggs you don’t have to worry about buying eggs thus saving you a lot of money. Chickens also make great pets and are interesting to watch as they go around living their lives.

When raising chickens for eggs their are guidelines you have to follow in order for your chickens to produce quality eggs.

1. Before you get started in raising chickens for eggs you should find out if you are allowed by law to do that. Certain countries have certain laws in place in regards to raising chickens. Some cities in London don’t allow you to raise chickens. In New York people are allowed to raise chickens but not roosters because they make a lot of noise which can disturb your neighbors.

2. Make sure you have enough space in your yard to raise your chickens. The size of your land will determine the number of chickens you can be able to raise. When starting out it is recommended to start out with a few chickens so you can get used to managing them. As time goes on you can then add more chickens.

3. The next step is preparing a coop for your chickens. You can either buy or build your own coop. Building your own coop is a cheaper option if you are on a budget. You can also use an unused building in your yard as a chicken coop. Chicken coop is where your chickens will call home. They will eat, sleep and lay their eggs in the coop. The coop will also protect your chickens from predators that can harm your chickens.

4. Once all the above is set now you can order your chickens. You can order baby chickens or chickens that can start laying eggs. Baby chickens will cost you more to raise to the point where they will start laying eggs. So if your budget is tight it would be wise to buy chickens that are ready to lay eggs.

5. Now its time to feed and take care of your chickens. You should feed your chickens at most two times a day. Fresh water should be given to them as well. Automatic waterers can do the job well. You can feed your chickens pellets, grain or even garden scraps. Garden scraps or green foods will make their eggs taste better.

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