Helpful Tips To Guide Parents On How To Stop Their Children Wetting The Bed

Some of our families have children who wet the bed, if your family is one of them then its time to start working on putting that problem to an end. There are various ways to fight bedwetting with some more effective then others but that also depends on the child.

Bedwetting is also called Enuresis and is a when a child or human wets their bed at night and don’t use the toilet. Doctors often make researches as to why this happens to some children and not others. Some of the research has found that with some children this maybe due to medical conditions such as diabetes, urinary tract infections, sleep disorders and cell anemia.

Research has also found that wetting the bed is most common on boys then girls and usually affects children in their early years although some teenagers also wet the bed. Children with this problem will eventually grow out of it but parents find it hard to deal with it and are looking for ways to stop it as early as possible.

When finding a battle plan to stop bedwetting you have to understand that the child is not at fault and its not that they are lazy to go to the toilet at night but its because they can’t feel that they need the toilet at night. This situation can be stressful to both the child and parent. The parent can get tired of drying the mattress and washing the sheets almost everyday.

As for the child this problem is no good to them as well because they wake up everyday to find the bed soaking of urine and them smelling of it as well. This can lead them to feeling down about themselves and fear going to sleep over’s because of what might happen at night. As a result of this they can end up keeping to themselves and have sleepless nights.

In order to battle this problem a parent has to know the causes of bedwetting so they can start by fighting the root cause before looking for professional help.

Bedwetting Common Causes:

– Abnormalities in the urethra and urethral valves in children
– Infections in the urinary tract
– Hereditary
– Small bladder
– Stress or anxiety
– Hard sleeping

How to know you need help:

– When your child asks you to help them stop
– When you child starts wetting the bed but they never did before
– When bedwetting causes your child to get angry
– When they stop doing activities they enjoy and don’t do sleep-overs

Stopping bedwetting can be done medically or by using behavior therapy. The medical way is by your doctor providing your child with certain medication. Behavior therapy is training you child to use the toilet before they sleep and avoid drinking liquids before they go to bed at night.

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