How A Beginner Livestock Farmer Can Start In Raising Goats And Sheep In His Livestock Farm

Raising goats and sheep in your livestock farm is a great way to producing your own quality tasting meat and milk. These two animals can be easily managed and can be raised by a beginner livestock farmer. In order to raise healthy livestock it requires you to have some knowledge on what you need to do when raising healthy livestock.

Below we are going to get into more details on how you can go about raising goats and sheep in your livestock farm.

– Guide To Raising Goats

Raising goats is very exciting and profitable. You can raise these animals for the production of meat, milk and fiber which are all in demand. Goat meat is eaten all around the world, the milk can be consumed or used to produce food items like yogurt, candy and cheese and the fiber used to produce quality wool.

When raising goats you should first make up your mind on what kind of production you want to produce. Do you want to raise this livestock for milk, meat, fiber or as a pet. If you are also on a budget start by raising a small number of goats and produce just the right amount to feed your family. Once you get the hang of raising these animals then with time you can add more goats for commercial production.

Once you have made up your mind on the type of goat you want to raise the next step is choosing the right breed for the production. If you want to raise goats for fiber look at the Pygora and Angora breeds. Raising goats for meat production you will need to get the South African Boer breed since its best for meat production and for milk production you should raise the Alpine, Saanen and Oberhasli breed.

Guide to raising goats requires you to take good care of them by making sure that they are well fed and have proper shelter. You also have to make sure they are in good health and bring a veterinarian to come every once in a while to check on the livestock.

– Guide To Raising Sheep

Just like raising goats raising sheep requires you to first make a decision on what type of sheep you want to raise. Sheep can be raised for the production milk, meat and wool. Once you have chosen what you want to produce the next step is to choose the right breed for the production.

Once you have chosen the breed you want to raise its time to prepare some land and shelter where they are going to live in. The land has to be large enough for the livestock to graze and feed on some grass. And the shelter will help protect the livestock from extreme temperatures.

You also have to prepare the machinery and equipment used in managing livestock. Some of the equipment includes a fence, shearing equipment and cleaning stuff. If you not on a tight budget you can even buy a guard dog to protect and guide your livestock.

Sheep also need you to proper care for them by providing food and clean water for them to drink on daily bases. Once you get this right you sure you raise healthy livestock in your farm.

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