How to Get Rid Of Pimples In The Quickest Time Possible

Having pimples no doubt is very embarrassing and can totally destroy ones self esteem. Zits can make you stay away from people because you feel like they are just looking at your acne. A lot of acne suffers then turn to look for ways to get rid of pimples in the quickest time possible. But is it possible to get rid of acne fast?

There are a number of ways one can get rid or reduce pimples quickly and easily. Some of these solutions can work even over night depending on the skin type and how severe the acne is. When using solutions to getting rid of acne fast you should know that this usually works in the short term because the cause of acne is in the inside not the outside.

When getting rid of pimples you also have to think of long term solutions to also removing whiteheads and blackheads. Knowing the root cause of your breakouts will help you in managing acne in the long term. But can short-term solutions do the deal and cure your zits fast?

Washing your face is the first thing to do when ridding pimples. When doing this you should pay close attention to the type of soap or cleanser you are using because some cleansers can actually irritate your skin even more. Try using mild ingredients instead chemical based soaps that you buy from pharmacies.

When wasting your face be gentle with it so that you don’t remove the skin’s natural oils which help in protecting the skin cells.

Some experts suggest that you don’t squeeze your pimples because this can cause the problem to be worse and even scar your face. This is true but there are safe ways to squeeze your pimples, just make sure your face is moist with hot water and use a semi dry cloth to squeeze the zit.

Some dermatologists suggest their patients to use benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid which works well in getting rid of pimple fast but be very cautious when using them because to much of it can make more damage then good.

Toothpaste can also help in reducing acne. You can apply the toothpaste direct onto the zit after you have cleaned your face. In conjunction of toothpaste you can put ice on the zit overnight and after a few hours the zit will be reduced.

Other solutions are lemon juice and boiled basil leaves. You can apply these solutions directly to the zit and be left there over night. In the morning make sure you rinse your face with hot clean water.

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