How You Too Can Go About In Raising Your Own Ducks as Pets

When it comes to owning pets a lot of people think of raising dogs and birds but non think of raising ducks as pets. Ducks are affable birds and they like attention as well. They can make great pets and are not just raised for eggs and meat. They are very entertaining to watch and kids love them.

Having ducks in your yard is exciting but you have to know how to proper care for them.

When you have made the decision in becoming a duck owner the first thing to do before you buy your ducks is to prepare a place for them to stay. You should build a duck house that has at list 10 feet space for each duck. Some duck farmers also build a pond next to the duck house so the ducks can swim and exercise.

The shelter you create will keep your ducks safe and protected from extreme weather like heat. The shelter can be made from materials like wood and should be kept dry so that bacteria can’t grow and affect the ducks. It also should be covered so that rain doesn’t enter.

Once you have your duck house ready it wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn the different duck behaviors and how to make them happy. One thing that makes ducks happy is being among other ducks since they are social birds. So try to get more then one duck when starting out. You can get one male and two females. The male can mate with the other females to produce more ducks at no extra cost to you.

You should make sure that your ducks are well feed every day and get a well balanced diet. You can feed them fish, aquatic plants, mollusks, insects, toads and even worms. Ducklings can be feed crumbs and mash when they are a few days old.

This are the basics to raising your very own healthy ducks, its not as complicated as one would think. Just provide them with shelter, give them enough food and shower them with love.

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