Beginner Steps On How You Can Get Started Today In Raising Your Own Sheep

When it comes to raising sheep you should know that they need some extra care. Sheep should be supplied with fresh water and should be feed with lots of grass.

You should also vaccinate your sheep every once in a while to protect them from diseases that are known to affect sheep. Shelter should also be built to cover the sheep from cold temperatures and rain. They also need a large area to graze which has to be fenced to protect the sheep from natural predators.

Choosing Sheep:

The Corriedale and Colunbia breeds are recommended breeds for lambing needs. But when it comes to meat production the Dorper and Hampshire breeds are the best. And when it comes to wool production there is no better choice then the Merino breed.

Now its no doubt that there is some equipment you need when raising sheep. Some of the equipment you need when raising sheep is tagging, shearing, cleaning equipment and fencing.

Sheep Managing Styles:

1) Early lambing – When early lambing it means the lambing is done in January to February and the selling of lambs in done in early summer.

2) Late lambing – Late lambing means that the lambing is done in the beginning of April to May. At this time the production cost are at their lowest rate but the lambs are sold cheaper.

3) Accelerated lambing – The production rate is increased when this style of lambing is done, but you should make sure that the right type of breed is used and carefully managed.

Common Used Terms:

1) Crimp – Natural waves of sheep wool is called crimp. The finer the wool depends on how close the crimps are.

2) Crutching – To prevent fly-strike the hind part of a sheep is sheared and the process is called crimping.

3) Ringing – This is a process whereby the wool around the puzzle of the male sheep is removed.

4) Micron – This is a measuring tool used to measure sheep wool.

5) Tupping – Tupping is a name given to the mating season of sheep.

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