Finally a Beginners Guide to Raising Your Own Ducks

These days raising your own ducks is becoming popular. People raise ducks as pets because they are interesting to watch as they go about living their lives. On the other hand a lot of people raise ducks for profit. Their meat and eggs are in high demand making it a great way for duck farmers to make some extra income.

When getting into raising ducks for what ever reason you my have you have to start by choosing the right breed. The most popular duck breed to raise is the Peking duck. Another duck breed that is popular is the Rouen duck. A good choice for pasture is the Muscovy duck, other good ducks for pasture are Wood Ducks and Mandarin Ducks.

When it comes to hatching your duck eggs a lot of duck farmers use broody chickens whilst others use incubators. If you choose to use an incubator choose one that does not need the eggs to be turned by you.

It takes about 28 to 30 days for duck eggs to hatch which is longer then those of chickens. Other ducks breed eggs take longer like the Muscovy duck.

Once your ducklings hatch its important that they are placed in a brooder. You should make sure the duck brooder is dry and clean. A soft litter should be put in the brooder as well. To ensure your ducklings are getting enough heat a 250-watt lamp can be put in the brooder. Make sure you maintain about 90 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

When feeding you ducklings you can use chick feeds. Chick feeds are high in proteins which is good for your ducklings. As your ducks grow you can give them grower feeds. You also have to give your ducks and ducklings plenty of clean water.

You also have to build some shelter for your ducks. The shelter you build can be in a form of a chicken coop. Just make sure there is enough space for your ducks to move around. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to build an artificial pond next to your duck house for the ducks to swim and enjoy themselves.

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