What You Need to Know Before You Start Raising Your Own Ducks

Raising ducks can be a straight forward when you know what you are doing. They are many resources online and offline that can guide to you on how to be a happy duck owner. But you don’t have to look any further because this article will give you all the information you need in raising ducks.

When starting out in raising ducks the first thing you have to do is learn about the different types of duck breeds. Once you know of the different duck breed you will then be able to make the right choice on which breed you want to raise. They are duck breeds that are just good as pets, they are duck breeds that are good for meat production and they are those that are good for laying eggs. All these breeds are cared for in a different way.

The next is to prepare some land where you will keep your ducks. Ducks don’t need that much space so your backyard can be enough. Once you have located space where you want to raise your ducks you can go ahead and build a duck coop. This is where your ducks will sleep and seek shelter. The duck coop should be built in a way that it will protect your ducks from uncomfortable temperatures and keep away predators. The coop should also be kept dry so that bacteria doesn’t grow and infect your ducks.

Its also very important that you learn how to care for ducklings. Your older ducks will begin to mate and it will require you to offer a helping hand. You have to know of the type of food to feed ducklings, the required temperature they have to grow under and if they need any medication.

If you will be raising ducks for egg production then you should know that it takes about six months for ducks to lay their first eggs. The eggs are layed once a day, so can collect them every morning. The eggs are bigger and taste much better then chicken eggs. This is also a good way to make some money because you can sell the eggs to your friends and shops.

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