Get Guidelines On How To Proper Care For Your Dog

It’s very sad to see people neglect an animal especially a dog because they are such loyal animals. Dogs need more care then just feeding them, they also need to be given tender love and some attention.

When you give your dog some tender care in return they will give you a lifetime of friendship, loyalty and unconditional love. The only thing your canine friend needs from their own is a safe shelter, health care, food and water. You can also offer them some more such as exercise, snacks and other dogs to play with.

One of the first things to do when you get a dog is to make sure they can be found when they get lost. To do this you can get an identification tag which you will attach around your pets neck. This ID tag should have your vital contact information, this information should include your main telephone number, your name and postal address. This tag will almost assure that your pet will be returned to you when they get lost.

The next step after getting an ID tag for your dog is preparing vaccination. Laws in most countries require that all dogs are vaccinated for rabies, so make sure your pet gets vaccinated for their health and as well as yours. To know where you can get your dog vaccinated look or ask from your humane society or local pets shelter.

Besides vaccinating your dog it also needs to be checked by a veterinarian. Just like humans dogs need check-ups every now and then. You can even take your pet to your local pets shelter who will either check on your dog or recommend you to a cheap professional veterinarian.

Other things your veterinarian can do is to spay and neuterize your dog. Pets that have this routine turn to be more healthier, live longer and are well behaved. Spaying or neutering your pet will reduce the chances of it running away, stop biting problems and have aggression.

The next thing to think about is good dog nutrition. Just like any other animal dogs need a well balanced diet and fresh water everyday. You can ask you veterinarian for the right diet to give your pet and how often you should give them de-worming pills.

Good shelter is needed for your canine friend. Having a large fenced yard with a dog house is ideal for your pet. Of its ok with you then your dog can live in the house since it truly is a family member.

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