Get Some Newbie Advice on Rearing Your Own Healthy Ducks in Your Backyard

Studies reveal that the US raises more then 22 million ducks in a given year. Raising ducks is an exciting, rewarding and profitable hobby that is why a lot of people are getting into duck farming. This article will give you guidelines in raising ducks as a complete beginner.

1. First when starting out in raising ducks you should know the reason why you want to raise ducks. Knowing why you want to raise ducks will help you in choosing the right breed for your purpose. If you want to raise ducks for eggs you will probably choose the Khaki Campbell duck breed and if you want to raise ducks for ornamental purposes you will go for Call ducks.

2. Make sure you do your research very well on the breed you have chosen to raise. It is very important that you offer the right care for your ducks. You can start doing your research from articles like this one or from other experienced duck farmers in your area. Other resources include newspapers, farm magazines and TV ads.

3. You should also prepare yourself to buy some duck raising equipments. The first equipment you should make sure you get is the duckling brooder. This equipment is used in raising baby ducks (ducklings) starting with the eggs before and after they hatch.

4. Other equipment you should make sure you have before your ducks arrive is the duck coop and duck hen. This is where your ducks are going to call home and be safe from predators that can harm them. The duck coop can be filled with wood shaving and straws. The litter should be changed every once in a while to prevent molds.

5. You should also make sure you provide some form of heating for your ducks especially in winter time. Providing some heat will also help in keeping your ducklings warm which is very necessary for them to grow. You can use a 250-watt heater for this.

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