Why it’s a Good Idea to Start Today and Raise Ducks as a Side Business

First why would it be a good idea to raise ducks then the other types of livestock? A lot of livestock farmers have now realized that it is more profitable to raise ducks then it is to raise chickens or any other animal. The main reason for this is that ducks cost less to raise compared to chickens and at the same time can withstand very hot and cold weather. And not forgetting that their eggs taste a lot better then chicken eggs.

Since ducks can withstand extreme weather there’s no need to spend a lot in building them shelter. Just a simple shelter that is dry is all that is needed. Ducks eat of lot of other food compared to chickens and are more resistant to diseases as well. Ducks also grow and mature faster then chickens (4 months). The Pekin breed is known to be the most profitable since it produces good quality/quantity of meat.

The United States is known to raise over 20 million ducks in a given year. These numbers are spread across those raised for eggs and meat but raising for meat with a high percentage. The reason why most farmers raise ducks for meat is because it costs more to raise ducks for egg production. Egg laying feeds cost a lot more when comparing them to chickens.

When building houses for ducks simple wood and bamboo can be used thus reducing the costs. But it is very important that the shelter be kept dry so that bacteria does not grow in the shelter and affect your ducks. In order to do this corn cobs and peanut hulls can be spread on the floor. This shelter can be built next to a stream or swimming pool so that the ducks go into the water to cool themselves and exercise.

If you would want to later on expand your business and raise ducks for eggs then one good way to make more profits is to keep the eggs for hatching then later on sell the ducklings. It takes about 28 days for the embryos to develop in the eggs and heated at about 95 degrees Fahrenheit with 75% humidity.

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