Steps a Beginner Goat Farmer Should Take When Choosing a Goat Breed for His Farm

A lot of people decide to raise goats as pets because they say they are cute and cuddly, which in a way can be true depending on what you want to achieve. If you want to start a goat farm for profits then you may disagree with this description.

Just like raising any other livestock, raising goats requires you to invest some money for things like housing, feeds and goat dieting supplements. You also have to invest in fencing in order to keep unwanted predators that will harm your goats. A licensed veterinarian should also come once in a while to check on your goats to make sure they free from illnesses and are on a right diet.

With that being said it is very important that you choose the right goat breed that is suitable for your project. The output plays a big role in your return in investments and in making sure your business is profitable. Below are some goat breeds for you to choose from.

1. Fiber Goats:

A common fiber produced by goats is wool. Mohair (which is produced by Angora goats) and cashmere (produced by cashmere goats) is other profitable wool which is prized by their softness and silken texture. This type of wool is the most expensive. If you want to produce medium class wool that is similar to that of sheep then nigora and pygora goats produce that.

2. Meat Goats:

If you want to produce goats for meat then look no further then the South African Boer goats. They are known to be meat yielding goats since they have high litter count and fast growth rate. The young goat meat is highly priced because its tender whilst older goat meat is processed into food items like salted, smoked and cured meat.

Brush, Kiko, Myotonic, Spanisha and West African Dwarf goats are other breed of goats you can raise to produce goat meat.

3. Milk Goats:

Since goat milk has fewer levels of lactose, a lot of people prefer this milk instead of cow milk. Goat milk can also be used in the production of buttermilk, cheese, yogurt, clarified butterfat, candy and a lot of beauty products.

If you are interested in raising goats for milk then the Anglo-Nubian breed produces the best quality goat milk. Other breeds that produce good milk are Alpine, Oberhasli, Saanen and La Mancha breeds.

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