The Different Types Of Herbal Natural Remedies One Can Use To Stop Bad Breath

Having halitosis (which is another name given to bad breath) can be very embarrassing to anyone that’s why a lot of sufferers feel ashamed to look for a solution to eliminate the problem. Since it’s difficult for them to go out and look for a cure, using solutions that can be used in the privacy of your home such as herbal remedies are a good option to use.

The nice thing about using herbal remedies is that they treat the problem from within thus making it affective in the long run. It’s important to understand that herbal remedies can take some time to help you regain your fresh breath, but some do help the instant you apply them.

When using herbal remedies its wise to mix it with oral hygiene so that you destroy the bacteria hiding in your mouth like in between your teeth and on the tongue. Bacteria on the tongue can be noticed by the tongue turning whitish or yellowish.

Below are some herbal remedies you can use in the privacy of your home:

– Herbal Teas

Drinking herbal teas is very effective in eliminating horrible breath. Two herbal teas that is most recommended for ridding bad breath is rosemary tea and mint tea. To intake this tea you can either dilute it in warm water and drink it or you can just chew on it. Or just do it both for double action.

– Use Myrrh

Myrrh is a very much used herbal remedy used to get rid of bad breath. This herb has a natural antiseptic that helps in eliminating bacteria that causes your breath to smell without you needing over the counter medication. This herb is used as a mouth wash and to use it you have to put 5 to 10 drops in a cup of water. The herb also leaves some nice smell in your mouth making it an ideal solution instant relief.

– Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a very popular herb used to eliminate bad breath that is used in a lot of dental products. The herbal tree is an extract of the Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia. This herb also helps in keeping your gums healthy and can be used as a substitute for toothpaste. You can also use it when flossing your teeth, just dip the floss in this herb then floss your teeth accordingly. Melaleuca Alternifolia may have a not so pleasant taste to a lot of people but it does the job well.

Using herbal remedies to eliminate bad horrible breath you to be aware of what you eat and drink. Don’t just depend on the herbs but avoid food that cause bad breath and make sure you maintain good oral hygiene.

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