The Main Points Every Beginner Golf Player Should Know About Playing Golf

Golf has been played all around the world for a very long time. Just like every other sport golf has some rules that need to be followed by a beginner player and professionals.

Following the rules of golf is very important because if you don’t you can get added penalty strokes to your game and some courses can even ask you to leave because your actions can distruct other players.

Below is some golf etiquette that needs to be followed by every player on the field in respect of the golf course and other players:

– When playing golf there is a certain dress code to follow. Things like suits and over sized shirts are a big no no.

– You should stay with your party and don’t be late for your tee time.

– If you are beginning you can be slow thus holding back faster groups, to avoid this allow them to go first.

– Make sure you are a calm person and respect other players in the course.

– When driving your cart only drive in allowed areas, don’t speed and park in the parking area.

– If there are other players to where you are hitting the ball yell “fore” to warn them.

– You should always be ready to take a shot when its your turn by preparing the right club.

– The player that is the furthest should be allowed to hit the ball first

– When you are angry at your game don’t throw your clubs.

– Drinking and eating is not allowed in the course except for water.

– When looking for a ball follow the five minute limit, if you still haven’t found it them consider it lost.

– Golfers respect nature, so if there is any animal on your way don’t hit it with the ball find a gentle way of moving it.

– Don’t go around littering the golf course use a proper receptacle.

– Don’t talk or make some noise when someone is taking a stroke

– Don’t lie to others about your score, be honest because that is what makes the game of golf unique.

– By the time you are finished with the bunker area you should rake the place to remove footprints.

– When you have completed the hole you should leave the area as soon as possible to allow other players to use the hole.

– Don’t discuss your personal mattera on the course because other players can lose concentration.

– You should never walk inbetween someone elses ball when in the green

– When someone else is playing in the green move away to give them space to play.

– Your club bag should be kept away from the green so that its doesn’t get in the way of other players.

– If your ball hits someone else’s ball you will get a two-stroke penalty and the person ball will be returned to the original position.

– The flagstick on the green should be moved away from the green when playing then when play is over it should be put back in the hole.

When starting out you may have to read these rules over again until you master them because they are very important when playing golf. After that you can go out to the golf field to have some fun with other golfers.

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