The Main Points Every Beginner Golf Player Should Know About Playing Golf

Golf has been played all around the world for a very long time. Just like every other sport golf has some rules that need to be followed by a beginner player and professionals.

Following the rules of golf is very important because if you don’t you can get added penalty strokes to your game and some courses can even ask you to leave because your actions can distruct other players.

Below is some golf etiquette that needs to be followed by every player on the field in respect of the golf course and other players:

– When playing golf there is a certain dress code to follow. Things like suits and over sized shirts are a big no no.

– You should stay with your party and don’t be late for your tee time.

– If you are beginning you can be slow thus holding back faster groups, to avoid this allow them to go first.

– Make sure you are a calm person and respect other players in the course.

– When driving your cart only drive in allowed areas, don’t speed and park in the parking area.

– If there are other players to where you are hitting the ball yell “fore” to warn them.

– You should always be ready to take a shot when its your turn by preparing the right club.

– The player that is the furthest should be allowed to hit the ball first

– When you are angry at your game don’t throw your clubs.

– Drinking and eating is not allowed in the course except for water.

– When looking for a ball follow the five minute limit, if you still haven’t found it them consider it lost.

– Golfers respect nature, so if there is any animal on your way don’t hit it with the ball find a gentle way of moving it.

– Don’t go around littering the golf course use a proper receptacle.

– Don’t talk or make some noise when someone is taking a stroke

– Don’t lie to others about your score, be honest because that is what makes the game of golf unique.

– By the time you are finished with the bunker area you should rake the place to remove footprints.

– When you have completed the hole you should leave the area as soon as possible to allow other players to use the hole.

– Don’t discuss your personal mattera on the course because other players can lose concentration.

– You should never walk inbetween someone elses ball when in the green

– When someone else is playing in the green move away to give them space to play.

– Your club bag should be kept away from the green so that its doesn’t get in the way of other players.

– If your ball hits someone else’s ball you will get a two-stroke penalty and the person ball will be returned to the original position.

– The flagstick on the green should be moved away from the green when playing then when play is over it should be put back in the hole.

When starting out you may have to read these rules over again until you master them because they are very important when playing golf. After that you can go out to the golf field to have some fun with other golfers.

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The Basics Every Beginner Should Know About Playing Golf

Its a very humbling experience to play the sport of golf that why you see a lot of people playing it has a way to relax and past time doing some thing enjoyable. When starting out theres a lot of things to know about then just hitting that small white ball to find a hole where it can drop in.

Just like any other hobby golf has some rules and guidelines to follow when playing the sport. You have to know of the type of clothes weared when playing golf, the vocabulary used to communicate, golf etiquette and all the equipment used through out the course.

There’s a lot of information around on how to play golf for a beginner and in this article we are going to give you guidelines on how to play this sport.

– The Passion

In order to be good at playing golf you have to have the passion and have the desire to learn about it. You can go out to play this sport on your free time with your friends and family. Others even use it as a way to make business deals with business partners.

To improve your game you have to spend a lot of time on the field, which means you have to practice a lot. Your desire to be good at golf will be driven by your will to play the sport. When you also out in the field take some notes from seasoned players on the field, you can learn a thing or two on how to position yourself when taking your shot.

– The Mental Side

To play this sport requires you to even prepare yourself mentally. When you in the field you have to be able to control your emotions and don’t do something that can be distructive to others in the field. Proffessional golfers have mastered the art of the strongest minds in the tournaments they are participating in.

– Putting Training

When out on the field half of the strokes you will take are putters so having the right putting skills can greatly improve your golf game. The nice thing about practising your putt is that it can be done almost everywhere. It can be practised in your office, at home and other places that can give you privacy. This can be done by purchasing a portable putting green and laying it out when ever you want to practise.

Last but not list enjoy playing the sport, stay cool but focused when palying and have a lot of fun. This is the way to bring out the best in you.

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The Different Ways A Beginner Golf Player Can Learn How To Play Golf

A lot of people are now getting into playing golf either as a hobby or on a professional level. As a beginner golf player you may need some guidelines on how to go about learning how to play is exciting sport. Fortunately there are various ways on which one can learn and it all depends on which one you are comfortable with.

Playing golf just like any other sport requires you to be dedicated to it and be willing to improve your game by practicing and learning different strategies known to better your swing. Below are 3 ways on which a beginner can learn how to play this sport.

1. Individual lessons:

Taking the step to learn golf by yourself can be a great way to learn this sport. Learning by yourself has some advantages such as there will be no one to laugh at you when you make mistakes and you can go at your own pace without anyone rushing you to move faster.

When starting out its best to start with at list 30 minutes lessons so you don’t wear yourself out. You can start with putting then once you get the hang of it you can then move on further away from the hole and start practicing long range shots. Before you go out to the golf course try to do a little of golf exercises to ready your muscles for a good swing.

2. Group Lessons:

Another effective way to learn how to play golf is with other new players. When you are in a group clinic you will be put into groups, the group you go into depends on the level of skill. The instructor works with all members of the group on how to get started and gives individual support when needed.

When choosing a group clinic you should make sure the one you choose covers all there is to playing golf. They should teach you all the rules of the game and give instructions on pitching, putting, swings and chipping. Learning the right way to putt and chip early in your golf career is important because playing these shots well will help you in lowering your golf score.

3. Research:

The 3rd way of learning how to play golf is to do some research and gather information about this sport. You can get information through sport magazines, online videos and dvds. This maybe the longest way for you to take in learning how to play this sport but its very affordable especially if you’re on a tight budget.

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