The Reasons Why You Should Raise Pastured Chickens Instead Of Free Range Chickens

First off its a known fact that chickens that are more nutritional are chickens that are pasture raised, this type of chickens are chickens that are raised outside on lush green pasture. Free range chickens don’t come nutritionally close to these types of chickens.

About Free Range Chickens:

Free range chickens are chickens that are usually sold in grocery stores. These types of chickens are raise in closed buildings and are not allowed to go out of the building. These chickens just move around their own excrement and breathe the same air which is fouled with ammonia. They never experience fresh air and sunlight.

About Pasture Chickens:

On the other hand pasture raised chickens are raised outside giving them space to move freely to fresh green grass in their pasture. These chickens are raised in bottomless pens that protect the chickens from predators which can harm them but at the some time the chickens roam around and feed on various insects. They also eat bugs and other seeds that they find around.

As they move around their manure is spread around the entire pasture in return the pasture is kept lush and green. This is because their manure acts as fertilizer keeping it rich in each subsequent years rotation.

Why You Should Raise Pasture Chickens:

1. Pasture raised chickens produce chemical free meat. Free range chickens are washed with chlorinated water which is not good for the meat since chemical residue is left in the meat. Where else a more sanitary method is used in pasture raised chickens.

2. When you raise pasture raised chickens you don’t need any antibiotics to keep them alive. The chickens are not over crowded and live in a natural environment which helps in producing quality meat.

3. When is comes to omega-3 there is no doubt that pasture raised chickens contain more omega 2 fatty acids then free-range chickens, in actual fact they contain up to 4 times. With this it means you can easily balance the essential fats in your diet if you eat pasture raised chickens.

4. And when it comes to taste pasture raised chickens taste a lot much better then free-range chickens. That’s the main reason why top chefs use pasture raised chickens compared to free range chickens.

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