The Reasons Why You Should Start Today In Raising Your Very Own Chickens

A lot of people don’t know the benefits of raising their very own chickens instead of other farm animals. Below is a list of advantages of raising chickens in your own farm.

– Chickens provide good nutrition’s for your body and the eggs are great tasting as well. There is no other animal that produces edible eggs like chickens. The eggs are high in demand.

– It is very exciting to watch chickens go about doing their thing because of their different personalities. No chicken behavior is the same as another chicken, they are all unique in their own way. Their colors, sizes and patterns are all different thus making it easy for you to give them names.

– Raising chickens in your farm provides you with sustainable living. Keeping chickens in your yard doesn’t limit you in living your own life and take care of other things in your life.

– Chickens make good garden pets as well since they make your garden chemical free. Your garden will be free from chemicals because they turn it into fertilizer with their deposits. And when the chickens wonder around your garden they eat and eliminate all kinds of insects such as earwigs, worms, beetles, etc.

– Since chickens are not choosey when it come to eating, there is no need for you to dispose your left overs because your chickens can eat them for you. This can also help you in saving money in buying chicken food. But please keep in mind that garlic and onions are not good for your chickens because they can affect the taste of the eggs.

– Since chicken boo is very rich it can help balance your compost pile. The eggshells can also contribute in making the soil fertile and rich.

– If there’s one animal that is low maintenance it’s chickens. They can be feed once a day and don’t need to be washed or taking for a walk. The only thing need of you is to give them food, give them water and collect your eggs. Their bedding can be changed only once a month.

– When you raise chickens you will be unique from all your friends and neighbors. You can then make some extra income by selling your chicken produce to your friends.

So once you have made up your mind in raising chickens just remember to have enough space for your chickens. The space can be measured by the number of chickens you are prepared to raise. A recommended space is 10sq.ft per chicken. If you have more space then 2 to 4 sq.ft per chicken can be enough. Chicken also love hunting so a large garden for them to hunt around is not a bad idea. These insects also give them extra nutrition’s.

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