The Reasons Why You Should Raise Your Own Rabbits for Meat

A lot of people when it comes to raising livestock for meat consider raising goats, sheep, chickens, cattle, etc but never think of raising rabbits. There is a very big gap to be filled in the rabbit meat industry.

Below are some reasons why you should consider raising rabbits for meat.

1. Reproduction Rate: First thing that a lot of people don’t know is that rabbits have a high rate of reproduction. A healthy rabbit can produce 1000% of her body in a given year.

2. Less Space Required: The nice thing about raising rabbits is that they do not need that much of space to live and move around. You don’t need grazing land unlike cattle or sheep, you can keep a couple of rabbits in your small backyard. You can even keep rabbits in a small apartment where else you can’t keep chickens.

3. Less Maintenance: When raising rabbits you don’t need to be checking on them every single time. You get just check on time one a day when giving them food, supplying fresh water. Their cage can be cleaned once a month unlike other animals. The young rabbits are taking care of by the female rabbits, the only thing you can provide is nesting boxes which can be easily built.

4. No Noise: Now unlike other animals like chickens and ducks which make a lot of noise rabbits hardy make a sound unless the mating shriek. You can keep rabbits in your yard or even travel with them with no one noticing them.

5. Rabbit Manure: Rabbits boo does make good garden fertilizer that won’t burn your plants. And if you are into worm farming you can fed your worms the rabbit droppings which in return will produce high quality compost.

6. Quality Meat: Its a fact that rabbit meat is low in fat and cholesterol but high in protein. You can’t find the nutritional meat value of rabbits in any other animal. Some doctors even prescribe their patients to eat rabbit meat for dieting.

7. Easy Butchering: When the time has come for you to butcher your rabbit you will be surprised of how clean process it is. In less then 20 mins the rabbit can be in your freezer.

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