Why Raising Rabbits for Meat Can Be a Profitable Business to Get Into

When you decide to raise rabbits as a business you should be prepared to work more then when just raising rabbits as pets. The first thing to do when starting out is to choose the right breed for the project.

When you want to raise rabbits for meat the right breed to choose is the Californians and New Zealands breeds. These breeds are easily to care for and mature faster. Some people even cross breed them because their babies grow faster and produce great tasting meat. New Zealands breeds can take just 8 weeks to be ready for the market and Californians have fine boned body structures with lots of flesh.

For your rabbits to produce quality meat you have to feed them well. Pellets and alfalfa hay is highly recommended to feed your rabbits, they contain just the nutrients needed in meat production. On the other hand lettuce and cabbage is not recommended because they can cause diarrhea. You also shouldn’t over feed your rabbits because this will cause body fat.

Breeding is also important when it comes to raising rabbits for meat. Rabbits that are medium are bred when they are 5 to 6 months but large breeds should be bred when they are 8 months. Only healthy and not closely related rabbits should be bred. The female rabbit should be taken into the male cage when mating the two, reason being female rabbits are territorial in their own cage thus they won’t allow the male to mate with them

The gestation period of rabbits takes about 30 days which is the same time they take to give birth. The doe should be as comfortable as possible when given birth. Rabbits know how to take care of their babies so there is no need to worry. But just in case you need to offer a hand you can feed them with a mixture of skim milk, karo syrup, egg yolks and bone meal.

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