Beginners Guide To Planting Your Own Healthy Vegetable Garden At Home

A lot of people these days are looking for guidelines on how to go about planting your own vegetable garden. There are a lot of advantages to growing your own garden such as you will be producing your own organic food and will save of lot of money from buying vegetables from your grocery store. Below are steps a beginner gardener should take when starting their own garden.

Preparing your garden

In order to grow a beautiful healthy garden you have to be well prepared for the work ahead. If you plan well on how to grow your garden chances are very slim that you will be un-successful. The first thing to do is to locate the right place to plant your vegetables.

The most important thing about the space is that it should have enough water supply nearby. Growing plants requires you to water your plants everyday especially when they’re still young. The location should also receive good sunlight through out the day and be protect from too much wind. There should be enough space to grow your various vegetables or even have extra space in-case you want to expand your garden in the future.

The quality of the soil

When growing a vegetable garden the quality of the soil you use is very important for the growth of your plants. The soil where you want to locate your garden should be tested its pH levels. To do this you can take the soil to get it tested or you can just buy a test kit. pH that is good for the growth of a healthy garden is 6.5.

If the pH levels you find are very low there’s no need to worry since you can buy garden lime to level the pH of your soil to the ideal pH needed to grow healthy plants.

The plot

Once you have picked a spot to grow your plants and have tested the soil pH then its time to prepare the plots soil. First thing to do is to turn over the soil and make it fine. After that use your hands to remove any weeds or grass from the soil. There are various types of vegetables you can grow from your garden but mostly will depend on the climate you live in.

To have a healthy garden depends on how you care for the garden. In order to give your plants quality fertilizer you can use organic fertilizers like worm farming compost and animal manure. These will help the soil produce the right nutrients for your vegetables to take in. And don’t forget to rotate your plants every year.

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