The Basics Every Beginner Should Know When Starting Out In Vegetable Gardening

Owning a vegetable garden can be done by almost anyone who has some piece of land and a reliable supply of water.

Having the land is the first step, the second step is to know how to plant your vegetables and maintain them to the point where they are ready to be harvested. If you are reading this then your won’t be worried about that because you are going to get guidelines on how to go about growing your own vegetables.

When starting out the first thing to do is plan on what type of vegetables you will be growing in your garden. A lot of beginners start planting vegetables that they like, which is good but will they grow in the environment you live in? So when planning you should investigate on what type of plants grow well in your area. To do this you can go to your local garden shop to enquiry or you can ask your neighbors provided they have gardens as well.

Once you have pin pointed the vegetables you will be growing then its time to pick the location in your yard where you will plant the vegetables. The location you choose should have proper drainage, some quality soil, nearby water supply and should have some kind of protection from animals that can eat the vegetables such as chickens and cattle.

When your seeds are in the soil its time to manage and care for your garden. To do this you have to water your plants everyday but not on rainy days because the rain will do that for you. You should also give them some nutrients so that they grow healthy, they can get their nutrients from fertilizer and compost.

Another thing you have to be doing is to remove any weeds that can be growing next to your vegetable because they will compete with your plants for nutrients and water. To safely remove the weeds you have to use your bare hands or a gardening tiller and when removing them uproot them so that they find it difficult to grow again.

Be on the look out pests that can invade your garden, the most common are bugs and caterpillars. In order to remove this pest you can use pesticides spray but use a small amount because over spraying this chemical can affect your plants and the soil thus reducing the quality of the vegetables.

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Beginners Guide To Planting Your Own Healthy Vegetable Garden At Home

A lot of people these days are looking for guidelines on how to go about planting your own vegetable garden. There are a lot of advantages to growing your own garden such as you will be producing your own organic food and will save of lot of money from buying vegetables from your grocery store. Below are steps a beginner gardener should take when starting their own garden.

Preparing your garden

In order to grow a beautiful healthy garden you have to be well prepared for the work ahead. If you plan well on how to grow your garden chances are very slim that you will be un-successful. The first thing to do is to locate the right place to plant your vegetables.

The most important thing about the space is that it should have enough water supply nearby. Growing plants requires you to water your plants everyday especially when they’re still young. The location should also receive good sunlight through out the day and be protect from too much wind. There should be enough space to grow your various vegetables or even have extra space in-case you want to expand your garden in the future.

The quality of the soil

When growing a vegetable garden the quality of the soil you use is very important for the growth of your plants. The soil where you want to locate your garden should be tested its pH levels. To do this you can take the soil to get it tested or you can just buy a test kit. pH that is good for the growth of a healthy garden is 6.5.

If the pH levels you find are very low there’s no need to worry since you can buy garden lime to level the pH of your soil to the ideal pH needed to grow healthy plants.

The plot

Once you have picked a spot to grow your plants and have tested the soil pH then its time to prepare the plots soil. First thing to do is to turn over the soil and make it fine. After that use your hands to remove any weeds or grass from the soil. There are various types of vegetables you can grow from your garden but mostly will depend on the climate you live in.

To have a healthy garden depends on how you care for the garden. In order to give your plants quality fertilizer you can use organic fertilizers like worm farming compost and animal manure. These will help the soil produce the right nutrients for your vegetables to take in. And don’t forget to rotate your plants every year.

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The Steps To Take When Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden

There are lots of reasons why people grow their own vegetable garden. Some people grow a garden to keep themselves busy and relieve some stress. Others just want to make sure that what they eat is healthy and feed their families with fresh nutritious vegetables. And since gardening is an outside hobby one can get a lot of exercise from managing their garden.

Designing your vegetable garden requires you to use your creative mind. Whether you have a small or large gardening space it is very important that your plants are spaced out right not only because it looks nice but because the plants won’t complete against each other for nutrients. To make your vegetables much healthier you can grow them without the use of chemicals and pesticides.

Growing your very own garden will set you apart from your neighbors in that you will be promoting better health for your family and your children will learn at an early stage the advantages of growing a vegetable garden. They can use the experience later on in their life’s to grow a garden in their homes and feed their families as well.

You can grow a vegetable garden even if you have small space, some people grow vegetables in their garages or balconies. When using your balcony make sure that it is well secure because you don’t want the plants falling on other people below. To do this you can buy some brackets or ask a professional to install the containers for you.

When starting out in growing your garden it can be a little confusing and tough. Weather you are growing your garden in your backyard or balcony you should make sure the soil you use is good enough for growing plants. You have to get top soil or use compost and fertilizer to make the soil more rich. Having rich soil is very important for growing healthy vegetables.

To give your plants better growing conditions you can frame your gardening space. By framing you are controlling the soil by making sure it stays in line with the growth of your vegetables. When framing make sure the the framing material is not treated in whatever way because this can cause the soil to be contaminated.

When growing your plants you can either choose to plant using seeds or cut young plants. If you are on a tight budget you should go for seeds but know that seeds take a longer time to grow than young cut plants. But either way they both can produce healthy vegetable when managed well.

So go on and plant your own vegetable garden. Just make sure you choose the right location and space your plants right. Give them proper nutrients to grow and water them everyday.

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