The Basics Every Beginner Should Know When Starting Out In Vegetable Gardening

Owning a vegetable garden can be done by almost anyone who has some piece of land and a reliable supply of water.

Having the land is the first step, the second step is to know how to plant your vegetables and maintain them to the point where they are ready to be harvested. If you are reading this then your won’t be worried about that because you are going to get guidelines on how to go about growing your own vegetables.

When starting out the first thing to do is plan on what type of vegetables you will be growing in your garden. A lot of beginners start planting vegetables that they like, which is good but will they grow in the environment you live in? So when planning you should investigate on what type of plants grow well in your area. To do this you can go to your local garden shop to enquiry or you can ask your neighbors provided they have gardens as well.

Once you have pin pointed the vegetables you will be growing then its time to pick the location in your yard where you will plant the vegetables. The location you choose should have proper drainage, some quality soil, nearby water supply and should have some kind of protection from animals that can eat the vegetables such as chickens and cattle.

When your seeds are in the soil its time to manage and care for your garden. To do this you have to water your plants everyday but not on rainy days because the rain will do that for you. You should also give them some nutrients so that they grow healthy, they can get their nutrients from fertilizer and compost.

Another thing you have to be doing is to remove any weeds that can be growing next to your vegetable because they will compete with your plants for nutrients and water. To safely remove the weeds you have to use your bare hands or a gardening tiller and when removing them uproot them so that they find it difficult to grow again.

Be on the look out pests that can invade your garden, the most common are bugs and caterpillars. In order to remove this pest you can use pesticides spray but use a small amount because over spraying this chemical can affect your plants and the soil thus reducing the quality of the vegetables.

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