Steps To Take In Taking Care Of Your Pet Cat

When owning a cat its very important that you know about good cat care. To do this you should get as much information as you can about taking care of a cat. The better care you give to your pet the healthier it will be and the more years you will spend together. Having a healthy well behaved pet depends on you. Below are some guidelines to follow when owning a cat.


Feeding your cat with nutritious food is very important for their health, you can buy good food from your local pet store or supermarket.

The place you choose to feed your pet should be far away from the litter box because cats don’t like eating next to a dirty area. There should also be feeding times especially if you have more then one cat and make sure they are apart from one another when eating to reduce the chances of them fighting each other.

Potty Training:

To keep your house clean from pet ‘poo’ you have to take the time to potty train your cat. To do this you have to train your pet to use the litter box every time they want to ‘poo’ and make it a point that you clean the litter box so the cat finds it clean the next time they want to make a ‘poo’.

Pet Grooming:

Grooming your cat is very essential for its health and your health as well. Cats are known it hate this process but if you do it time to time they will get used to the process then they won’t fight you. You should give your pet a bath at list once a week if it stays in the house with you. But if it stays outside then 3 times a week is OK. Other things to do is to clip their nails and brush their teeth.


No body wants a pet that doesn’t know how to behave. Cats are known to misbehave when not disciplined and can jump onto your table when you and your family are eating. They can also damage your furniture and bed by biting it. You should send the message to them clear on the things they can and can not do in your house.

Pet Freedom:

With the above being said it doesn’t mean that your pet should be in bondage and not allowed to play or enjoy themselves. Cats need some freedom to play and explore places. To do this you can allow them to go outside to play or you can even take them for a walk every time you free to do so.

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