How To Care For A Cat That Stays In The House With The Owner

When you make the choice of being a cat owner you have to be prepared to take good care of your pet so that they grow up to be a healthy cat. When you keep a cat full time in the house you have to be a responsible owner because if you cat is not well trained they can be very destructive. You have to teach your pet how to be responsible and they will be guided by a responsible owner.

A cat that lives in the house with its owner is less likely to get some exercise and will probably eat all sorts of food resulting in a poor diet. Its very important that a cat gets some exercise and eats well balanced food so they consume healthy nutrients.

People who own older cats will tell you that they feed their pets with nutritious foods to make sure there bodies are strong and healthy. Even your vet will tell you to feed your pet well in order for you both to live happy and healthy in the house you share.

A lot of cat owners prefer feeding their cats with natural cat food because it contains zero chemicals and has some vegetable and white meat that is loved by cats. Some of these foods can cost a lot but if you look at it from the point of view that you pet needs healthy food then its worth buying and spending your money on.

In order for your feline friend to grow healthy they have to get a balanced diet that consists of the right amount of proteins and vitamins. If you are going to buy canned cat food make sure you refrigerate the rest of the food so that it stays fresh.

When it comes to oral health a cat that has un-healthy gums is noticed by having bad breath. A healthy cat will have white teeth with no bad odor. For your pet to have strong teeth and gums you have to give them a diet of dry cat food. Dry cat food helps in discouraging bacteria from developing in the mouth.

Fleas and ticks are a big problem when it comes to cats that live in the house with you. They can carry all sorts of diseases that can cause allergies for your pet. In order to reduce the chances of fleas and ticks infesting your house you should wash your cat often and keep the house clean. Also reduce the number of times your pet goes outside because that is where they can get the fleas.

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The Things A Beginner Cat Owner Should Know About Owning A Cat

When it comes to keeping cats there are two kinds of people, the ones that just don’t like cats and the ones who adore them so much they even keep them as a pet. Since cats to a lot of people are known to be self-interested animals the people who like them are portrayed as introverted people. But no matter which way you look at it if you decide to keep a cat as a pet you have to take good care of it.

Owning and taking are of a cat isn’t that difficult to do for as long as you know how to do it. The first thing you should be aware of is that having this animal as a pet will require you to live with them forever. When they do something you don’t like you can’t just chase them away so that they find a new home and when you are moving houses you will have to move with them as well.

If you are ready for this lifetime commitment then go ahead and get yourself a cat and give it a home where it will be taken care of and loved. You can find a lot of cats to adopt from your local pet shelter. Or you can get one from your friends but that depends if you have friends that own cats or are breeding these animals.

Once you have made the decision to own a cat then the next thing to do is create a to-do-list on the things needed for proper cat care. If you have a well secure yard that is fenced then you can allow your cat to go and relax outside, but if your yard is not secure or you have no yard at all then you have to keep your pet indoors. Cats that are kept indoors turn to be much healthier than outdoor cats.

Cats that live most of the time outside will be at a high risk of getting lost, being stolen or even being run over by a car. Dogs can also attack your cat coursing bodily harm which in return will cost you money when taking your pet to the vet. And taking about vet, to have a healthy pet you have to take it to the vet every once in a while for it to get some checkups and to make sure its getting enough nutrients.

To make sure you that your feline friend is growing healthy is to feed him/her high quality cat food and give them a proper diet. The right type of cat food is one that contains fish or chicken and try to keep some dry cat food in your cats eating dish. Also have some fresh water near the food dish for your pet to drink when ever they feel thirsty.

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Steps To Take In Taking Care Of Your Pet Cat

When owning a cat its very important that you know about good cat care. To do this you should get as much information as you can about taking care of a cat. The better care you give to your pet the healthier it will be and the more years you will spend together. Having a healthy well behaved pet depends on you. Below are some guidelines to follow when owning a cat.


Feeding your cat with nutritious food is very important for their health, you can buy good food from your local pet store or supermarket.

The place you choose to feed your pet should be far away from the litter box because cats don’t like eating next to a dirty area. There should also be feeding times especially if you have more then one cat and make sure they are apart from one another when eating to reduce the chances of them fighting each other.

Potty Training:

To keep your house clean from pet ‘poo’ you have to take the time to potty train your cat. To do this you have to train your pet to use the litter box every time they want to ‘poo’ and make it a point that you clean the litter box so the cat finds it clean the next time they want to make a ‘poo’.

Pet Grooming:

Grooming your cat is very essential for its health and your health as well. Cats are known it hate this process but if you do it time to time they will get used to the process then they won’t fight you. You should give your pet a bath at list once a week if it stays in the house with you. But if it stays outside then 3 times a week is OK. Other things to do is to clip their nails and brush their teeth.


No body wants a pet that doesn’t know how to behave. Cats are known to misbehave when not disciplined and can jump onto your table when you and your family are eating. They can also damage your furniture and bed by biting it. You should send the message to them clear on the things they can and can not do in your house.

Pet Freedom:

With the above being said it doesn’t mean that your pet should be in bondage and not allowed to play or enjoy themselves. Cats need some freedom to play and explore places. To do this you can allow them to go outside to play or you can even take them for a walk every time you free to do so.

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