Guide on How to Easily Get Started In Raising Healthy Pigs in Your Home

Pig farmers around the world will tell you that pig farming is a rewarding project. When starting out weaned piglets are purchased at 68 weeks old. When they are 6 months old they can be ready for the market, by this time they have to be weighting 200250 pounds. You should make sure you purchased healthy piglets which have smooth hair coat, pink skin and are in a good condition.

Below are 3 important guidelines on raising healthy profitable pigs:

1. Water

The first thing you should make sure you have when beginning to raise pigs to enough water supply. Pigs drink a lot of water, something like 24 gallons per day. You can use automatic waterers if you have some money to spend. Automatic waterers have an advantage that you don’t have to be giving the pigs water yourself but the waterer will do the job.

2. Management

In general pigs are clean animals. You can make an area of eating which will be different from the area where they eliminate waste. You should help in keeping the pen clean by removing manure on daily bases. You can keep the manure in a separate place to reduce odor, also cover the manure to keep out rain. The pig manure can be used to cultivate your soil since it makes good fertilizer.

3. Housing

Housing is very important when raising pigs. Before you buy your pigs make sure they have a place to stay. Pigs need shelter from rain and extreme heat. A shelter will also help in keeping the pigs warm in winter seasons and to make it warmer you can put hay on the floor. Make sure the house is also large enough to accommodate all of your pigs.

Make sure that you also fence your pig house so that your pigs can not get lost and that predators can’t come in and eat your pigs. You may use ‘hogtight’ woven wire fence with a board around.

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Simple Guidelines to Start Raising Pigs for Alternative Income

If done properly raising pigs for profit can give you great rewards. At the same time pigs are interesting and enjoyable to raise. And since not so many people are raising them your friends and neighbors can be amused by them as well.

When getting into pig farming for profits you have to have a plan in place. First get to know if its allowed in your area to raise pigs. They are places where any form of livestock farming is not allowed or you need a permit. If a permit is required then get one.

Next make up you mind on what you want to achieve from your pig farm. Research from other farmers in this industry, ask for advice and how much returns in investment you should expect to get. Once you know how much income you can get from this venture that can help you in planning how much money you will have to invest.

If you are serious about producing quality pork then it should be wise to first contact a licensed butcher that will tell you what kind of pig breed you should get that will produce quality meat. Maybe he can even then buy the meat from you when you slaughter your pigs.

Once you buy your pigs or piglets you have to take care of them, just like any other livestock pigs need to be cared for. You have to build your pigs some shelter, they should have enough supply of food and have some land to exercise.

When building your sheep house you can build it using a fence and hog wire. This will help in keeping the pigs safe from extreme weather and harmful predators. Abundant hay should be put on the floor so your pigs can be comfortable and the same time be warm.

There’s no magic button when it comes to raising pigs for profits. Just make sure you do your research right, feed your sheep right, give them proper housing and know your market.

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Beginner Steps to Starting Out With Pig Farming In Your Own Farm Yard

Raising sheep these days is a lucrative business. This being that their meat is highly in demand and is very nutritious. Almost anyone can start raising their own pigs, the only thing that is required is some land, the right equipment and feed supply.

The next step is getting guidelines on how to proper care and manage your pigs. But you don’t need to worry about that because below are some tips on how to get started with pig farming.

– When just starting out in raising pigs the first thing you need to do is setup a well ventilated pig house. The pig pen would be roomy with enough space to accommodate all of your pigs. Your pig pen can be built by hog wire and fencing materials. The fence should be buried six inches deep so that your pigs don’t dig under.

– You have to invest some money in buying equipment used in feeding your pigs. You also have to buy containers that will contain water that your pigs will drink. Hay should also be supplied for your pigs. Hay will help in keeping your pigs warm when temperatures drop.

– One of the most important steps when beginning to raise pigs is choosing the right breed. You have to know where to buy your pigs and how to pick healthy pigs. One way to make sure you are buying the right pigs is to ask other farmers on where they buy their pigs or go to local auctions where farmers meet.

– When it comes to feeding your pigs you should make sure you do it right. It is very important that your pigs get enough nutrients and that you don’t over feed them. Different types of breeds are fed in a different way so make sure you make your research on the feeding patterns for your chosen breed.

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