Learn How To Get Started In Playing Good Golf

People participate on various sports to help keep in shape and as a hobby to pass time. Some people enjoy playing tennis, soccer, basketball, rugby and others like playing golf. Golf is a very interesting hobby that can be played by almost anyone who has the passion for the game.

Golf is a sport different from any other sport so it is very important that before you begin you learn all you can about playing this sport. Before setting out to the golf course you should learn about golf rules, the required equipment needed to play golf and the type of cloths you should wear. You also need to be dedicated to the sport and make some time to practicing your game.

Below are more guidelines on how to go about playing this sport even as a complete beginner:

1. Golf needs you to be patient with it so give yourself some time in learning how to proper play it before you reach the golf field. Before you set out to the field you have to practice your driving range and swing. If you don’t feel confident enough to go on to the golf course you can play on par 3 or smaller pitches until you feel ready for the big course.

2. To play this sport you will need some basic equipment such as golf clubs. When starting out it is a good idea to borrow or rent your set to feel the sport, if you like it then consider buying your own set of clubs. Some other equipment that you will need are:

– Gloves
– Balls
– Tees

As you play this game you may find yourself playing it professional then you will need to buy more equipment. But when starting out this is almost all you need.

3. Just like other sports golf has some rules you need to follow. You should also take you some time to learn them all about there are lots of them. Below is a list of some basic rules you need to know:

– You shouldn’t carry more then 14 golf clubs in your bag
– Playing golf requires you to dress in a certain way. Some clubs are not so strict on the dress code but it’s wise to always dress the golf way.
– Make sure to mark your golf balls when teeing off because golf balls are the same and can mix with other golfers balls.
– When others are playing you should be quiet and don’t talk or laugh.
– You should keep up with play because playing slow can hold up other players who are using the same golf course as you.
– Always play the ball when it is steady, never touch or move it when it’s in motion.

These are some basics that can get you started as a beginner golfer. Remember to practice your golf game and with time you will improve your play and play professional golf.

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